Boost results with a personalized English course

Boost results with a personalized English course

Find out how a personalized English course can lead to fast and effective results, making your company even more competitive.

Effective English language training: how Voxy works

Effective English language training: how Voxy works

Take a look at data that shows how Voxy combines innovative technology and effective methodology to generate impactful results.

Featured Voxy Course: English for Cross-Cultural Training

A range of cultural backgrounds adds unmatched diversity to teams and when teams are exposed to cross-cultural differences, they often outperform competitors. With this in mind, Voxy has curated an English for Cross-Cultural Training course. Continue reading to learn more.

New Voxy Course Empowers Learners to Discuss Diversity & Inclusion

We are excited to announce our new “Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice” course to help learners to understand the historical foundations of inequality and the unfair oppression of systems. We invite you to learn more.

Why is Personalization Important for Online Language Learning?

Language learning technology that delivers just-in-time, personalized learning content maximizes the effectiveness of teachers. Voxy’s pedagogic engines can select the language learning content that is most relevant to learners’ interests and needs. With years of adaptive learning experience, we share the value of personalization in online learning.

Voxy’s New Suite of Aviation Courses

Voxy is excited to introduce our suite of aviation courses. The three new courses feature sector-specific content on aircraft maintenance, passenger services, and cabin crew. Continue reading to see what each course offers including the vocabulary and technical awareness learners will gain.

Adaptive Learning for the Global Enterprise

Voxy’s Chief Education Officer, Katie Nielson recently published an article in Training Industry Magazine, a well-known publication for L&D professionals. In the article, Katie expounds on the rise of adaptive learning in workplace language training and the positive impact of Voxy’s personalized programs on global companies including Chobani, Grundfos and Campari.