Expert teachers

Voxy teachers are certified experts in the science of teaching English and have logged thousands of hours helping learners like yours from all over the world.

Flexible and convenient

Learners meet their teachers in virtual classrooms and can join from work, on the road or from the convenience of their homes. Voxy teachers are available 24/7.


Every group class is focused on a particular topic or theme, allowing learners to practice using specific real-world scenarios that are relevant to them.


Do you already have teachers?

Bring them online!

Voxy can open its teaching platform to your teachers to conduct classes exclusively for your learners. Contact us today to learn how you can offer your own distance-learning solutions.

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Build community and create new ways for your learners to interact with each other

Led by Voxy teachers or your own facilitators and restricted to your organization’s learners or open to the world, our group classes provide unlimited opportunities for interaction and collaboration.

Industry Networking classes

Classroom discussion groups

Practice presentations

Reading clubs

Cross-cultural Brainstorming

Worldwide virtual happy hours

Private classes are also available

Learners can also schedule private classes with an English teacher to receive dedicated support and attention.