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In this course, you will learn about the key aspects of leadership and management, including executing on a company’s vision, giving effective feedback, and managing a high-performing team. You will dive into the leadership qualities and skills of experienced business leaders and experts from around the world.

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The articles you use for learning are very current and interesting.

Babcock International

Because voxy it’s a very friendly tool to learn english and the tutors are very patient, explain any question to us and show us the correct way to speak english.

Palacio de Hierro

Because is a good platform to learn and practice english, with a lot of different of units and topics of general interest, to take and learn new things.

Recognized International Bank

How we can help you take that step to achieve your goals:

Personalized study plan specifically designed by your dedicated Voxy Learning Coach.

Private classes with teachers identified to help you reach your objectives.

Specific content created to achieve your goals and according to your needs.

Lessons to develop and/or improve your soft skills according to your leadership style.

Courses to drive skill improvement and mastery of your professional area.

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