English For Technology Professionals

In these courses, professionals and technology teams can sharpen their skills and knowledge about product development with a wide variety of engaging content that includes videos from world technology leaders to capture real meetings of development teams. In addition, you will be able to discover trends in products, tools and software development methods, which will help you to lead the most productive meetings.

English for software engineering. Learn more.

English for IT Helpdesk & Support. Learn more.

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It is very simplified and easy to learn grammar, listening, reading, and vocabulary. [The platform is] very helpful, the assessment test is very well-designed [and] that’s why we know where we need to grow, which topics we do not understand, and then we focus on the topic. Overall well-designed.

Learner from a technology company in India

You have the best app for learning English. It’s very functional over any device. The exercises are very good, and they are focused on your gaps

IT Team Leader at a food company in Mexico

The platform is very intuitive, practical, and has a good user interface. All this provides a good experience.

CPE & Transmission Engineer at a technology company in Brazil

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Additional courses

At Voxy, we promote professional development through teaching English as it helps to break down language barriers worldwide, develops skills for a better quality of life, and gives you the tools you need to improve your professional performance.

We offer the following courses:

English for Business
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Remote Work
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English for Digital Marketing
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English for Customer Service
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English for IT Helpdesk & Support
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English for Statistics for Data Science & Business Analysis
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English for Executive Leadership
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