What is authentic content?

Authentic content includes media produced by native English speakers, from actual news articles to videos of real people ordering food at a restaurant, so learners have the tools to accomplish real-world tasks. Research proves that using authentic content is more effective, which is why Voxy uses 100% authentic content to teach your learners the English that’s relevant to their goals. Voxy has over 55,000 hours of authentic content on the Voxy platform, with hundreds of hours of new content published every week.

Discover Better English content


We add new multimedia content to the Voxy platform every day so lessons are always engaging and up-to-date.


When learners practice with authentic content, they learn English that they can actually use in the real world.


Voxy’s content selections are as diverse as your learners—we provide lessons covering a wide range of interests and career goals.

English your learners can use

The Voxy curriculum is based entirely on authentic media from our content partners, which include premier publishers such as the Financial Times, Associated Press and Bloomberg. No more scripted conversations: Your learners will interact with multimedia lessons—including videos, images, articles and audio recordings—that feature English being used in the real world.

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FRESH, up-to-date content

Does your organization struggle with outdated textbooks and stale materials? Voxy adds new content every day so that learners are constantly exposed to current news and events in English. And with thousands of content items to choose from, your learners will never get bored with their course.

Content for every interest

We know that for language learning to be effective, learners need to be interested what they’re learning about. We have practice materials to suit every learner’s interests, from world news and politics to sports and entertainment. We also offer a wide range of professional content so learners can focus on the language they need to accomplish their goals.

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As a Voxy content partner, you can expose your site’s content and brand to a global audience that spans Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and other regions. You’ll also have a direct impact on the lives of thousands of English learners every day as they work to improve their language skills and access new opportunities. We’ll work with you to design a flexible partnership that meets your needs. If you’re interested in becoming a Voxy content partner or would like to learn more, please contact us directly.