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Our Proven Method

Begin with a Needs Analysis
There is no typical language learner. Each learner has unique skills, interests, and goals, such as getting a promotion or working with English-speaking clients. Our patent-pending technology leverages our massive content library to design a course that is tailored specifically for each learner — no two courses are exactly alike.
Use a Wide Range of Authentic Content
Rather than teaching phrases that are not relevant to our learners' needs, like “Janie kicks the ball,” we deliver real English content that is updated daily. Voxy’s learners study in context with videos of people accomplishing daily tasks, audio recordings of real-life situations, karaoke-style music lessons, and up-to-date news stories from the Associated Press, Bloomberg, and The Financial Times.
Offer Seamless Blended Learning
We don’t just give learners software and leave them alone to use it; our courses include fully integrated live instruction. Learners can take one-on-one tutoring sessions or dynamic group classes with certified teachers who know how to teach English at a distance. Our students and teachers meet virtually for personalized sessions so learners can get just-in-time feedback where and when they need it the most.
Personalize Instruction
Based on learners' daily performance, language-learning needs, and proficiency levels, we can adapt each lesson in terms of content, difficulty, and complexity. This ensures that learners receive high-quality, personalized instruction every time they log into their courses. Teachers get granular data on student performance so that they can use this information when planning their own classes.

What people are saying about Voxy's English Solution:

"Voxy’s next generation platform makes it easy for our team members to improve their communications skills and thus the guest experience." — Raul Leal, CEO

"An excellent course, with a very interesting methodology, with current topics that push you to start learning." — Alexsandro, Logistics Analyst, Porto Alegre/RS - Brazil

“Voxy is transforming the way non-native speakers learn English by providing lessons personalized to a learner’s unique lifestyle, goals and learning needs. With Voxy’s innovative approach to learning, learners are provided the tools they need to excel in their daily lives as well as relevant content from their surroundings.” — Forbes