The Voxy curriculum is


Lessons are dynamically selected for each learner based on their career goals, personal interests and proficiency level.


Lessons are based on authentic multimedia resources from publishers such as the Financial Times and Associated Press.


Lessons adapt in real time based on how the learner is performing, and each new lesson is chosen based on past performance.

Personalized Curriculum

The Voxy curriculum engine dynamically builds a personalized English course for each learner by algorithmically choosing from thousands of resources to give learners the lessons they need to improve. Whether a learner needs to speak more confidently in a business presentation or master the vocabulary of a particular industry, their Voxy course will give them level-appropriate English lessons to help them accomplish their specific goals.


Voxy’s Word Bank intelligently stores all the vocabulary that learners see in their courses and tracks how well learners understand each word based on performance in their lessons. The Word Bank also breaks vocabulary down by parts of speech, and learners can easily star words they want to revisit. Learners also have the option of searching for words that they know well or need to work on, which allows for highly personalized and focused vocabulary practice.

Adaptive tasks

The Voxy curriculum is constantly adapting to meet learners’ unique needs. Lessons automatically adjust based on a learner’s current level and recorded performance across reading, listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary skills so that every lesson is optimized for rapid improvement. Lessons and vocabulary are also appropriately repeated and spaced out to facilitate long-term retention.

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