Detailed insight into every learner

Understand Learner Behavior

A comprehensive and user-friendly dashboard helps you visualize data, observe trends, and develop insight into how your learners are improving with Voxy.

Improve Learner Engagement

Our individual learner report makes it easy to understand learner engagement and performance so you can take action to encourage advancement towards your learners’ goals.

learner engagement dashboard
new learner registration form

Seamless learner administration at your fingertips

Management Made Easy

Directly manage learner accounts without the need for any technical integrations.


Nimble License Allocation

Quickly adapt to learner needs and maximize ROI by controlling when licenses are distributed and what learners have access to.

Advanced, Independent Analysis of Your Data

Configurable and Intuitive Reports

Create your own custom reports with our advanced search and filter tools to perform independent analysis of your unique data.

Powerful Segmentation for The Data That Matters Most

Search, segment, and filter learner data by attributes that are specific to your organization.

advanced data filters

Achieve Your Program Goals

Premade Reports Help Your Drive Actions

Comprehensive achievement reports empower you to more deeply engage with learners in your organizations, providing critical insight into areas of need.


Maximize the Return on Your Investment

Access to engagement and proficiency reports helps you understand the value Voxy delivers and enables you to measure and maximize you return on investment.

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