The Importance of English in Technology Careers

To emphasize the importance of English language proficiency in the technology industry, we sat down with Voxy’s own Engineering Manager, Icaro Seara, who manages more than 12 engineering teams across Brazil, the U.S., and Russia.

The Importance of Language Training For Airport and Aviation Workers

For the maintenance team, cabin crew, and other passenger services staff who are English language learners, sector-specific language training is important, not only in sustaining passenger safety and satisfaction but in preventing emergencies. Continue reading for an overview of the aviation-specific language training Voxy offers.

It’s Just Like Riding a Bike

Usually, when I tell people that learning a language is learning a skill, like cooking or surfing, I get nods of understanding. That seems to make sense, intuitively. And then when I go on to say that, because those are skills, they require copious amounts of practice and individualized instruction, I still get nods, and people are receptive when I go on to paint an even clearer picture. Where this breaks down is when people try to actually apply this theory to setting up a language program. So what to do?

Writing in Online Language Classes

One question I often get asked by instructors setting up online language courses is how to structure peer-to-peer communication. They ask because thousands of empirical studies on distance learning have established that a feeling of community drives learner engagement and, therefore, outcomes, but the wrong approach can actually be damaging for language learners. So what is the solution?

Naomi Sveholm: 3 Reasons language teachers should be language learners first

As a language learner-turned-teacher, I believe all language teachers should study another language—especially with another teacher. There are numerous benefits to practicing what you preach, but I’m going to cover just a few. Teachers often find themselves in a sort of bubble: they’re focused on leading their own classes and rarely see other teachers at …

Brett Fogarty: The Unique Experience of Learning Online

Teaching a language online is certainly a different experience than teaching in a physical classroom, and most people like to point to its limitations and drawbacks. But do we ever consider the undeniably unique experience of being in an online language class? Perhaps the biggest advantage is students getting to connect with each other. This …

Idioms of the week: colors

In this blog series, we’re breaking down common English expressions that are used in everyday conversation, so you’ll be able to expand your language skills and have fun with new English phrases. This week, we prepared a list of idioms in the theme of colors. 1. out of the blue (noun phrase): without warning, unexpectedly …

10 Words For… The Travel Industry

Travel industry

This blog series will explore the top 10 useful words for specific industries, so you can learn the English you can actually use in the real world. This week, we’re looking at some basic concepts and vocabulary words related to the travel industry. 1. reseller (noun): Someone who resells goods and services in exchange for …