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CENIBRA’s Teams Improve English Proficiency with Voxy’s Language Training Solution

CENIBRA is a subsidiary of Japan Brazil Paper and Pulp Resources Development (JBP), an enterprise that serves several international markets. With CENIBRA’s shareholders in Japan and operational teams in Brazil, effective communication is essential to remain competitive. Read on to learn how CENIBRA helps improve communication across teams with personalized language training.

WDI Launches English Language Training Program for Refugee Employees at Chobani

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International yogurt manufacturer Chobani recently launched a Voxy English language training program. The program will run for six months and includes fourteen Chobani employees. The Voxy/Chobani collaboration evolved with support from the Workforce Development Institute in New York.

4 Impactful Voxy Client Stories to Inspire You

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Helping clients and their global teams improve performance while increasing ROI is a mission Voxy takes seriously. We don’t often get to publicly share the journey of our clients’ employees and their real-world success with English because of Voxy instructors. These four client stories may inspire you.

[Case Study] Voxy Channel Partner eCompass Helps Improve Performance at Kyocera Spain

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Tired of the way English was traditionally taught and not seeing the expected results for employees, Kyocera Spain decided to try Voxy. Working with eCompass, a Voxy Channel Partner in Madrid, Kyocera was able to improve company-wide engagement and performance. In this case study, we share an interview with Arancha Pinay, a head of human resources at Kyocera Spain.