Corporate e-learning: the partnership between Voxy and MRS

Corporate e-learning: the partnership between Voxy and MRS

Find out how the corporate e-learning strategy that Voxy implemented at MRS Logística can directly impact your company’s outcomes.

Changes in corporate education are increasingly more significant and constant. Even though technology has enabled the evolution of learning paths, training programs and personalized development, many companies are still adapting to this scenario.

Trends in training and development, e-learning, and the metrics of a corporate university were some of the subjects discussed at Corporate Education 2021, an event in which Voxy was an active participant. At this conference, we presented the MRS Logística case study, where we detailed how our online English language training solution directly impacted the outcomes of one of the world’s largest freight railroad operations.

Why should we adopt corporate e-learning?

Just as formal education can adopt online learning, companies can also gain by implementing this technology in their training and professional development processes. This strategy is called corporate e-learning, an initiative that leverages the quality and possibilities provided by distance education within an organization’s day-to-day reality.

E-learning allows companies to monitor employee development programs more closely, and it’s a scalable solution that provides data visibility. In a context such as that of MRS Logística, for example, which has large internal projects and where employees participate in international congresses, English language training has become all the more crucial. Thus, it was important to create a training program that would lead to greater employee adherence.

In addition, corporate e-learning gives employees more autonomy, more interactive training, and it allows for differentiated content and approaches. This can be seen in the use of artificial intelligence to create a personalized learning experience for each employee, which can be combined with additional credits for private English classes

More engagement and better results

The impact of Voxy’s technology was clear in MRS Logística’s outcomes. With a solution and methodology focused on the company’s needs, we provided benefits such as having customized English courses for each employee as well as flexibility for each participant to study according to their own routine and availability.

As we pointed out in the full case study, the use of the Voxy Command Center also made it possible to access data and monitor the project in detail, going beyond the platform and allowing for engagement actions aligned with the defined strategy when necessary.

It is worth noting that a close follow-up is key for the success of any training program (even an online one). Thanks to the close working relationship between the MRS program manager and Voxy’s Customer Success team, the project achieved significant engagement metrics already in the first few months.

The feedback from employees participating in the program has been very positive, showing the impact of the proficiency progress on day-to-day activities, such as reports of improvement in email communications with suppliers and achieving international technical certifications.

At Voxy we offer fully digital English language training focused on the specific learning needs of each employee. Through the use of AI, our platform personalizes the most suitable content for each individual in order to increase engagement and allow for close metrics monitoring.If you want to learn about how Voxy combines innovative technology and effective methodology to deliver comprehensive English language training, please contact us for a demo of the platform.

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