Corporate e-learning: the partnership between Voxy and MRS

Corporate e-learning: the partnership between Voxy and MRS

Find out how the corporate e-learning strategy that Voxy implemented at MRS Logística can directly impact your company’s outcomes.

The Importance of English in Technology Careers

To emphasize the importance of English language proficiency in the technology industry, we sat down with Voxy’s own Engineering Manager, Icaro Seara, who manages more than 12 engineering teams across Brazil, the U.S., and Russia.

The Importance of Language Training For Airport and Aviation Workers

For the maintenance team, cabin crew, and other passenger services staff who are English language learners, sector-specific language training is important, not only in sustaining passenger safety and satisfaction but in preventing emergencies. Continue reading for an overview of the aviation-specific language training Voxy offers.

Voxy’s New Suite of Aviation Courses

Voxy is excited to introduce our suite of aviation courses. The three new courses feature sector-specific content on aircraft maintenance, passenger services, and cabin crew. Continue reading to see what each course offers including the vocabulary and technical awareness learners will gain.

Featured Voxy Course: Introduction to English for Certified Nursing Assistants

Voxy is excited to announce our new course, Introduction to English for Certified Nursing Assistants! This course is designed for English language learners (high beginner to low intermediate) and will improve their overall English proficiency using content from the CNA field, preparing them for the vocabulary, concepts, and structures they’ll see in a CNA certification course.

By the numbers: Meeting global demand for a growing maritime industry

Global demand for maritime workers has grown by 45% since 2005. And with increasing demand, HR professionals are facing greater hiring challenges, especially when onboard communication is of critical importance. Forty percent of all ship accidents are caused by communication factors, which means the need for English proficiency among crews has never been more important. …

10 hospitality workforce trends you can’t afford to ignore

Did you know that even though 97% of global hospitality employees report that English skills are required or important for their jobs, only 7% say their current English level is sufficient to do their jobs? We’ve been keeping a close watch on workforce trends and compiled a list of 10 stats for hospitality HR and …

In $7.6 trillion industry, English training is key

The tourism and hospitality industry contributes $7.6 trillion to the global economy every year and employs nearly 10% of the world’s working population. But within this vast industry, there are critical skill gaps preventing companies and employees from providing the highest level of service. “Today we have a shortage of qualified employees,”explained Ghassan Aidi, President …

3 Reasons Why English Training is Necessary for the Future of the Oil and Gas Industry

While the inherently cyclical oil and gas (OG) industry has encountered many challenges over the past decade, the continued global demand for oil and natural gas is expected to drive major growth in the years to come. But to support this growth, HR teams will need to play a significant role in the hiring and …