Effective English language training: how Voxy works

Effective English language training: how Voxy works

Take a look at data that shows how Voxy combines innovative technology and effective methodology to generate impactful results.

The migration of training and development initiatives to the world of corporate e-learning was a natural step for companies interested in training their employees, as it allowed them to offer their personnel more autonomy and flexibility, more interactive training, greater content personalization and much more.

These features are key in Voxy’s English language training solution, a 100% online platform that combines artificial intelligence with modern teaching methodologies and certified teachers to deliver a learning experience that shows results in one-third of the time of traditional methods.

See Voxy at work 

Voxy’s solution not only enables employees to learn English better and faster, but it also provides closer monitoring of the training program with greater scalability and data visibility for those supervising these initiatives through the Voxy Command Center.

These functionalities are essential in situations like the one experienced by MRS Logística, where the company embarked on a large internal project to implement a new Enterprise Resource Planning software and encourage the participation of employees in international conferences.

Based on these needs, Voxy’s solution was designed to ensure high employee engagement in English language learning, with results exceeding the company’s expectations. In the first eight months of the program, metrics showed an average employee engagement of 86% over the entire period, reaching 94% in the last three months that were analyzed. 

In addition to high engagement levels, reports reveal that, among employees who took at least two proficiency tests in the period, 57% improved up to three levels on the proficiency scale in just eight months of using the platform, and 43% maintained their levels. That means that 100% of these learners maintained or increased their proficiency in the first eight months of the project, accounting for 88% of the total active learners on the platform.  

Among the reasons for such high engagement, the fact that there was a clear objective for all program participants stands out, as does the deep level of involvement of both the project manager and HR. This allowed for recognition and motivation when facing the challenge of learning a new language. 

The data supporting Voxy’s work 

In a survey involving more than 4 million students in 150 countries who improved their English using Voxy, the results showed that the student population took one-third of the time needed with traditional courses to reach an advanced level (2880 hours of traditional teaching vs. 776 hours using Voxy). 

In addition, employees who participate in live lessons―such as the group or the private classes offered by Voxy―improve faster and stay engaged longer, with a 10% to 30% increase in proficiency on the following VPA (Voxy Proficiency Assessment) and 68% higher engagement over time. There is also another striking indicator: 90% of Voxy learners improve their proficiency in just 3 months.

Innovative English language training for the professionals of the future 

The transition from traditional English courses to a digital solution also increased employee productivity and proficiency at Maxion Wheels, another company that benefited from Voxy’s solution.  

With Voxy, Maxion Wheels obtained a fitting solution and methodology to meet the company’s needs, offering advantages such as customized English learning for each employee, with the possibility to tailor their study schedule to their personal routine and availability.  

Voxy’s mobile app was another highlight of the partnership, allowing employees to practice anytime anywhere—while commuting, in between meetings, or simply whenever they needed to—greatly enhancing the learning process. 

As a result, 71% of employees improved their productivity due to enhanced language skills and reported saving 1-6 hours per workweek thanks to their improved English proficiency.

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