Performance Dashboard

With visibility into performance data, learners can track progress while building the specific skills they need to improve proficiency, one level at a time.

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More Engaged Learners

We keep learners engaged and highly motivated with engagement messages and smart reminders via email.

Dedicated Learner Support

Our team of dedicated Learner Support specialists are available by email, phone and live chat to encourage and support learners in reaching their goals.



Learners can access their performance dashboard any time to track proficiency and performance, as well as gain insight into recently learned words, phrases, and much more. A detailed view of specific performance markers makes visibility into previous assessment scores and progress even easier.

exceptional support

Our Learner Experience Specialists are trained to support your learners every step of the way, whether they’re looking for effective study tips or have a technical question about their course. Learners can contact a Learner Experience Specialist anytime via email, live chat, or WhatsApp.