voxy's Customer Success services include

Customer Success Managers

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will enable your team to achieve your business goals with Voxy.

Pedagogy consulting

Our teachers and researchers are experts in the science of teaching English, and will work with you to maximize Voxy’s effectiveness for your learners.

Technical Support

If you require a technical integration, Voxy’s customer support team will help you get up and running with our API as quickly as possible.

Customer success managers in your corner

Voxy’s Customer Success Managers are trained to support your team every step of the way, from product configurations and the initial launch to Voxy Command Center training. We work with you to identify key business objectives that enable you have a successful program. 


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Experts in teaching english

Voxy’s pedagogy team consists of PhDs in second language acquisition and teachers with years of experience in both distance learning and classroom settings. We know what the research and data say about the best ways to teach English, and we’re here to share our expertise with you to ensure your Voxy curriculum is effective and aligned with your goals.