Case Study: How QTS and Bloom Saigon Advance Careers Through Workplace Language Training

For QTS Vietnam and Bloom Saigon, English Language Training Is Much More than Just a Digital Classroom

Quality Training Solutions (QTS) is one of the leading business education and training providers in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. In Vietnam, their English language training program—powered by Voxy—is helping countless professionals across a variety of organizations advance their careers and improve their lives.

One such organization is Bloom Saigon, a restaurant group offering vocational training to underprivileged, orphaned, and disadvantaged youth. Through QTS and Voxy, employees are provided with English language training courses and material directly related to furthering their careers in restaurant management, food and beverage preparation, hospitality, and much more.

See what happens when workplace training programs effect true change for both the business and its employees.

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