Case Study: Hershey

As Hershey is a global company with plants located in different countries, there is a need for employees to have a good command of the English language to perform their tasks. The company previously had an in-person training program, but they had noticed that not all employees had the same office schedule, which hindered their participation in the program.

Committed to the professional development of its employees, the company looked for an innovative and flexible English-language training solution, so that each employee could choose the schedule, classes, interest topics, and the response speed to their doubts, and to enable upskilling and reskilling.

In this case study you will see:

  • How Hershey integrated English language training into the upskilling and professional development initiatives for their employees
  • How setting appropriate goals was essential to the success of Hershey’s training program
  • How Voxy’s engaging online platform positively impacted employee English proficiency levels