Ashley Dresser: The Morale of Making a Mistake or an Error

Achieving oral proficiency in a foreign language can often feel like an insurmountable challenge. And sometimes, no matter how fast you ride your horse toward it, it still remains a distant speck on the horizon. My adult English learners frequently express their frustration with this feeling, so I always have a lesson ready to help …

7 Metrics to Gauge English Learning Performance

For an accurate and holistic assessment of learner success, Voxy uses a combination of metrics to measure learner outcomes. Check out our latest infographic below to learn what metrics we use for a comprehensive view into English performance. To learn more, download our FREE ebook on measuring learner success.  

Voxy Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary

Our very first website mockup.

Voxy, the world’s first personalized English learning platform, is proud to celebrate its 5-year company anniversary on February 20, 2015. Co-founders Paul Gollash and Gregg Carey first envisioned a language learning company in 2010, and launched Voxy at TechCrunch Disrupt later that year. Today, Voxy is a leading provider of English learning content and technology …