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Voxy Live reúne líderes em Recursos Humanos no México

A edição mais recente do Voxy Live, nossa série exclusiva de eventos para líderes das áreas de Recursos Humanos e Desenvolvimento Profissional, aconteceu em outubro, na Cidade do México. Não pôde ir ao evento? Clientes da Voxy usaram nossa plataforma para compartilhar suas experiências positivas. Continue lendo para saber mais e conferir os destaques do evento.

Lancôme, ProLiteracy e Voxy: Uma iniciativa para empoderar mulheres com baixo nível de alfabetização

Lancome Brand Ambassador, Zendaya accepts grant check for the Write Her Future Campaign

A Voxy está muito contente por ser parte de uma iniciativa, junto com a Lancôme e a ProLiteracy, que melhorará os níveis de alfabetização de mulheres em todos os Estados Unidos. Nos EUA, 43 milhões de adultos têm baixo nível de alfabetização, sendo que dois terços desta população (28 milhões) são mulheres. Saiba mais sobre a campanha Write Her Future.

Voxy ganha prêmio do Departamento de Comércio dos EUA por excelência em expansão internacional

voxy accepts the 2019 U.S Department of Commerce Award for Excellence in International Expansion

With our interest in delivering Voxy to new international markets, the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) became aware of Voxy’s hard work and encouraged our researching, identifying, and establishing new relationships. Noting our expansion in France, we won the DOC’s Export Achievement Certificate.

Parents Are Key to Success for Young English Learners

Voxy’s Dr. Katie Nielson recently wrote an op-ed that was published by The 74, an online education-focused publication. Dr. Nielson takes on the very timely challenge of educating young recent immigrants in English. Here is a short excerpt: Like any student group with additional needs, English learners can achieve academically with access to sufficient resources …

[Video] Innovation in Edtech

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to participate in a panel discussion on trends in Education Technology. The panel was comprised of participants from four different companies focused on different aspects of technology-mediated instruction, including one using compression technology to make streaming videos accessible in low-bandwidth areas, one that created a tool to …

Eliminating the Foreign Language Requirement

In the U.S., we force students to sit through mind-numbing grammar lessons and stilted dialogues, leaving them unable to order coffee at a French bistro. But that doesn’t mean we should eliminate language instruction. It’s incredibly important for everyone to speak more than one language in today’s interconnected world.

Evaluating Translation in Language Learning

By Dr. Katharine B. Nielson – A couple of months ago, I pointed out that translation is an ineffective methodology for language teaching. That piece was then published on the ELTJam site, where it has generated a lively discussion on the merits of pedagogic translation as well as some more colorful exchanges–it’s been a long …