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Voxy na SXSW EDU: O potencial da tecnologia para transformar a educação para os refugiados

south by southwest edu 2019

For the last six years, the number of refugees worldwide has increased, now surpassing 68 million people. Here, Dr. Katie Nielson recaps her insightful SXSW EDU 2019 panel discussion on this topic with other leaders from higher education and workforce development.

The Benefits of Live Instruction

Video conferencing software has made enormous strides in the last few years, and most people probably have encountered multiple applications that can easily facilitate virtual, face-to-face conversations with friends, family, and colleagues from phones or computers.  In the “olden days”–that is, even just three or four years ago–tools like Skype or Google Hangouts would crash, …

Por que não sabemos quanto tempo leva para aprender?

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Existem provas de que, em geral, a tecnologia pode levar oportunidades educacionais a pessoas que de outra forma não teriam acesso a elas, o que pode ter um impacto enorme nas vidas de milhões de cidadãos no mundo todo.  No entanto, os cursos online disponíveis atualmente ainda tendem a ser cópias de suas versões presenciais e, quando o assunto é design educacional, continuamos carecendo de muita inovação.  Talvez parte do problema seja que não estamos aproveitando tudo o que a educação impulsionada pela tecnologia tem para oferecer à ciência do aprendizado.

[Podcast] Language Learning and the E-Learning Landscape

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Last week I joined Kaplan’s Trending in Education Podcast to discuss Voxy’s approach to teaching English to non-native speakers, using technology to improve learning outcomes, and how applicable lessons I learned from experiences teaching english to non-native speakers might be to the broader space of online learning end education. Listen to the episode here.

Highlights from The South Korean Ministry of Education’s Visit to Voxy

delegation from ministry of education of south korea

Recently, we were honored to have a delegation from the South Korean Ministry of Education at Voxy’s headquarters. Comprised of educators, ministry officials, school system administrators, and research fellows collaborating to build an online, open secondary school, it was a treat to host a workshop for the delegation on how to use technology to improve learning outcomes.

Leveraging the Benefits of Online Learning: Unveiling the Command Center

voxy command center overview report screenshot

We are excited to report that Voxy has recently released a user-friendly administrative and reporting dashboard—the Command Center—that lets our clients easily and quickly generate, sort, filter, and analyze the data produced by their students. Learn how this tool offers insight into what learners are doing to improve both immediate outcomes and future decisions and how it helps harness the potential of technology to change the way we think about language learning.

[Video] Como a TMF na América Latina está melhorando a Proficiência de Inglês de Seus Colaboradores com a Voxy

woman giving boardroom presentation

Sonia Reiterman (HR Director at TMF) and Dr. Katie Nielson (Chief Education Office at Voxy) discuss how TMF Latin America is improving English proficiency with Voxy and how to implement an effective workplace language learning program.