How to launch an English training program in the workplace: Part 1

Preparing to launch an English training program for your team can be daunting, especially if you need to implement it at scale for a large organization. With so many logistics to consider—and most likely, ambitious KPIs to reach—it can be difficult to know where to start.

Voxy has enabled companies of every size to develop and sustain highly effective English training programs by using software for what technology can do best, so that people can do what humans do best. In this two-part blog series, we’re sharing our best practices so that you can do the same.

Before we dive into the 10 key elements of a successful learning program, it’s important to first establish what your organization needs and how you’ll measure the results. To shape the right strategy for your company, we begin with six questions you need to ask at the outset:

1. What proficiency level should employees reach?
Do your employees need a high level of English to explain complex ideas to international clients, or do they just need a basic level of competency to keep up with industry trends in the news? Language learning takes time, so it’s important to understand what your employees need to accomplish and to set realistic expectations.

2. How much time do employees have to learn English?
Do your employees have the flexibility to learn English during regular work hours, or will they be expected to put in time outside the office? This will affect the type of program you implement.

3. Where will their learning take place?
Similarly, you need to determine whether learning will happen in the workplace, at home or a combination of both.

4. Who will manage and track their learning?
The most successful language training programs have managers or program champions that work closely with employees to make sure they’re on track to reach their English learning goals.

5. Can we offer employees an incentive?
Employees are much more likely to stay engaged with their English training if they have powerful incentives to do so. Consider how their progress could be linked to performance reviews, KPIs or opportunities for promotion.

6. What are the metrics for success?
The only way to determine whether your English training program is a success is to identify your goals and a clear method of tracking quantifiable results. These metrics might include proficiency assessment scores, total time spent studying or the completion of required courses.