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English for Software Engineering is designed to sharpen product development skills and English language abilities with engaging and authentic materials ranging from videos of global tech leaders to recordings of real development team meetings.

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1. Product Development Overview
  • Learn about software engineering practices.
  • Understand different approaches to product development.
  • Talk about the pros and cons of different methods.
2. Jobs and Responsibilities
  • Learn about software engineering jobs.
  • Understand the responsibilities of different software engineering roles.
  • Listen to best practices and advice from veteran programmers.
3. Programming Languages
  • Learn what a programming language is.
  • Compare and contrast programming languages.
  • Understand how to select an appropriate programming language.
4. Process Overview
  • Understand software development techniques.
  • Learn how to create high quality software.
  • Discover how to collaborate between teams.
5. Product Management Tools
  • Learn about the software development process.
  • Understand project management challenges.
  • Learn how to use project management software.
6. Communication Tools
  • Understand how team chat tools are used.
  • Learn about professional chat apps.
  • Read authentic slack and email team conversations.
7. Meetings
  • Learn how to organize a meeting.
  • Understand how to give an update or ask for help.
  • Listen to authentic conversations from daily stand-ups and weekly development meetings.
8. Presentations
  • Learn presentation techniques.
  • Understand how to structure a presentation.
  • Watch authentic presentations from companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft.
9. Troubleshooting
  • Understand debugging tools and processes.
  • Learn about troubleshooting techniques and tools.
  • Listen to developers troubleshoot software bugs.
10. Tech Trends
  • Learn about the world’s biggest trends in software.
  • Understand concepts like big data, cloud computing and machine learning.
  • Discover why these topics are popular and their implications for the future.
11. Review

Review material from the course.

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