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English for Food & Beverage

In this course, you will learn how to navigate all sectors of the food and beverage industry, from handling reservation requests, to taking food and drink orders, and much more. You will expand your culinary vocabulary and improve your understanding of common dietary requirements so you can better serve your customers.

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1. Jobs & Responsibilities

Learn about the responsibilities of different food service industry roles.

2. Dining Management

Learn how to accommodate reservation requests.

3. Serving at a Restaurant

Listen to servers take food orders from diners.

4. Serving Food to Go

Learn to understand people ordering food to go.

5. Cooking & Preparation

Listen to cooks talk about their favorite cooking tips and recipes.

6. Handling Money

Understand how to handle money and talk about prices with confidence.

7. Handling Questions & Complaints

Handle a range of common questions and complaints from customers.

8. Bar Services

Learn about the responsibilities of bartenders and common drinks they serve.

9. Talking About Food

Understand how to offer and describe different types of food to customers.

10. Dietary Restrictions & Allergies

Become familiar with common diets, restrictions, and food allergies.

11. Food & Health

Learn about the food and the habits that make people healthy.

12. Restaurant Reviews

Read real restaurant reviews to understand how to make a great customer experience.

13. Food Industry Best Practices

Understand kitchen safety and best practices when cooking.

14. Food Industry News

Learn about the latest trends in the food industry.

15. Review

Review material from the course.

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