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English for Certified Nursing Assistants

Reinforce key knowledge and skills needed to succeed as a CNA.
Review over 150 CNA keywords and phrases.
Watch examples of daily CNA tasks and situations to prepare for hands-on experience.

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Hours of Content
Skill Level
Section 1

In this section, you will get an introduction to the course, as well as some initial information on health care, the long-term care environment, the role of the nurse aide, and the physical changes in older adults.

Section 2

In this section, you will learn about topics such as: admissions, emergency care, vital signs, infection control, positioning and rehabilitative and restorative care.

Section 3

In this section, you will learn about various health issues, including respiratory disorders, heart disease, and cancer. You will prepare to work with terminally ill patients while helping them live the best life that they possibly can.

Section 4

In this section, you will learn about: the immune system, mental illness, grooming, personal protective equipment, restraints and residents’ rights.

Section 5

Many residents will struggle with chronic health issues, which may become more complex over time. In this section, you will learn about common health issues such as obesity and diabetes, see how to respond to a resident’s changing health needs, and learn to prevent accidents and injuries in your care facility.

Section 6

This section includes information about respectful communication, important care measures for residents who are disabled, and conditions that affect the nervous system.

Section 7

This section will show you the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, and the important care measures that the health care team must enact in order to give residents the best quality of life possible. You will also learn to care for aging and dying residents.

Section 8

In this section, you will learn to recognize signs of neglect and abuse, and to report any signs that you notice. You will learn to manage both your own stress, and residents’ stress. You will also learn to care for patients with kidney failure and developmental disabilities.

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