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Leveraging the Benefits of Online Learning: Unveiling the Command Center

voxy command center overview report screenshot

We are excited to report that Voxy has recently released a user-friendly administrative and reporting dashboard—the Command Center—that lets our clients easily and quickly generate, sort, filter, and analyze the data produced by their students. Learn how this tool offers insight into what learners are doing to improve both immediate outcomes and future decisions and how it helps harness the potential of technology to change the way we think about language learning.

A importância do inglês em um mercado de USD 7,6 trilhões

O setor de turismo e hotelaria contribui anualmente com USD 7,6 trilhões para a economia global e gera empregos para aproximadamente 10% da população mundial. No entanto, existem algumas lacunas críticas de competências que impedem que empresas e funcionários prestem um serviço de melhor qualidade. “Hoje o setor enfrenta um deficit de profissionais qualificados”, explica Ghassan …

3 Reasons Why English Training is Necessary for the Future of the Oil and Gas Industry

While the inherently cyclical oil and gas (OG) industry has encountered many challenges over the past decade, the continued global demand for oil and natural gas is expected to drive major growth in the years to come. But to support this growth, HR teams will need to play a significant role in the hiring and …