As 5 principais características dos parceiros de mais sucesso na Voxy

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At Voxy, we are always excited to work with Channel Partners around the globe. Voxy’s Channel Partners distribute our English learning platform worldwide as an added value to their current portfolio of corporate training and education products and services. Considering becoming a Voxy Channel Partner? Here are the top 5 traits successful Voxy Channel Partners have in common:

Trait #1: In The Professional Training Industry
In today’s competitive environment, organizations worldwide are striving to improve global communication among international teams. Successful language training is two-fold: the organization enjoys a revenue boost from improved communication, while the employee achieves professional goals. If your company is active in the professional training industry, with an emphasis on helping global teams improve their performance and increase ROI, then you are exactly who we are looking for.

Trait #2: Currently Selling to Human Resource Buyers
Human Resources managers are starting to know you and your company by name. You already have close ties with HR managers at medium, large, and enterprise-sized companies. That is, you sell training and development tools to organizations ranging from 100 to 1,000+ employees. Ideally, you are fielding requests for English language training from your current clients and plan to sell to these clients first before pitching to new prospects.

Trait #3: Innovation-Driven and Experienced in Reselling Other Products
This is not your first professional training rodeo. You are innovation-driven and adept at selling technology-related products and services. You have sold English training, online training, or other professional development tools to corporate and government clients with exceptional results. Bonus points if you sell a learning management system, are well-versed in the sales, implementation and support processes, and have the ability to forecast sales from the beginning of a partnership.

Trait #4: Have an Existing Customer Base That Matches Voxy’s Target
Whether your clients are on the corporate or government side, your existing customer base matches Voxy’s target. When looking for Partners, we look for companies who recognize that adding a product like Voxy to their product portfolio will not only help them improve their revenue, but most importantly will add value and quality to the services currently offered. Adding Voxy to your current offerings has the potential to open doors that expand your business as well as attract new clients that can be sold on your entire product and service line.

Trait #5: Dedicated Sales and Customer Support Team on Staff
Finally, you are not a one-person show. Your team, at a minimum, consists of 10 or more people and can assign a specific project manager and customer service manager to Voxy and clients of Voxy. Your dedicated sales team thrives on a quota and is equally compensated and commissioned on sales of Voxy and other products. Additionally, your sales team sells directly to customers and not through a local distribution network.

Did You Know?
Voxy is an award-winning digital English learning solution used everywhere, from corporations to educational institutions. The total market for organizational English training is estimated at $46 billion. There’s more: our Channel Partners receive access to expert-level training, sales and marketing enablement, and the constant support your team needs to drive revenue. Each Voxy Channel Partner is assigned a Support Specialist, ready to serve as a reference for questions on technical aspects of the Voxy platform and the success of your customers with their Voxy courses.

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