4 histórias impressionantes de clientes da Voxy que vão te inspirar

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In an ever-evolving, competitive business landscape, companies that thrive take an early interest in helping employees reach their goals. As Voxy’s Lead Customer Success Manager, I help global companies meet their goals and demonstrate the value of Voxy programs to other stakeholders in their organization. Helping our clients and their global teams improve performance while increasing ROI is a mission Voxy takes seriously. Our Customer Success team works diligently to ensure each client has a smooth implementation process and consistent reporting and visibility, as well as periodic business reviews.

In the predominant markets of Asia, Europe, and Latin America, we often hear impactful stories from these locations. These are the learning moments we don’t often get to share publicly — the journey of our clients’ employees sharing examples of their real-world success with English through the help of Voxy instructors. Below are four recent stories that inspired us:

Grundfos Employee on International Colleagues and Conferences; Germany
“I worked with a Technician Consultant at Grundfos who had to attend conferences for work but didn’t feel comfortable engaging in small talk with his international colleagues. Focusing on his interests in travel and family, we practiced conversation to the point where he could finally sit down at a group dinner and feel confident getting to know his colleagues on a personal level.” – Rebecca W., Assistant Manager of Pedagogy at Voxy

Cyber Security Expert Becomes Confident Writer; Spain
“The employee I worked with started a new job in cyber security where she was responsible for writing blog posts in English. At first, she felt overwhelmed but we reviewed her posts and discussed how to simplify technical terms and ideas for her audience. Now, she feels much more confident in making vocabulary and editorial choices on her own.” – Ashley D., Voxy Instructor

Sales Director Nails High Stakes Presentation; Brazil
“I helped an employee prepare for a presentation for insurance companies at a German convention. As the sales director of a German insurance company in Brazil, he was nervous about introducing his CEO and answering unexpected questions from the audience. We identified strategies from Voxy material and then practiced. He was confident and his presentation was successful.” – Tony M., Voxy Instructor

GFT Manager Gives First Presentation to Leadership in English; Brazil
“I had a Talent Acquisition Manager who was very nervous about giving her first presentation in English to upper-level management. Together, we worked through her slides and rehearsed the presentation until she felt confident. At our next meeting, she was overjoyed to report that her presentation was a hit!” – Graham S., Voxy Instructor

These are only some of the many examples of employees who are improving their careers—and their lives—with Voxy. Ready to help your team reach their potential? Learn how by requesting a demo or reading our other success stories.