Is writing the Achilles heel of English language learners?

Even for the most advanced English learners, there’s one skill area that often goes neglected in both classroom and online settings: writing.

Improving one’s writing skills is incredibly difficult and requires consistent practice—especially in a second language—so learners tend to shy away from tackling it head on. Yet for English learners who need to use the language in their careers, writing proficiency is critical to their ability to succeed in the workplace.

To bridge this skill gap, Voxy has introduced writing classes into its rotation of group classes offered online. These are small classes of just four learners, so that teachers can provide targeted feedback to writing prompts worked on during the class. Unlike asynchronous writing activities, in which learners receive feedback hours or days after submitting completed work, the live class setting offers the opportunity to provide feedback in real time so that learners are more likely to understand their mistakes and correct themselves going forward.

In keeping with Voxy’s core methodology, these group classes focus on writing for real-world situations. While any writing practice is helpful to develop the skill, what today’s English learners really need is writing practice that reflects the tasks in their everyday lives. Voxy’s writing classes focus on three types of writing to support this need: Writing for business, social media and English test prep. Rather than write about topics that aren’t relevant to a learner’s real-world needs, Voxy is committed to helping learners accomplish common writing goals, such as being able to write and respond to work emails or submit an IT request.

Until English learning programs begin to recognize and address the need for writing practice and development, professional ELLs will be sent into the workforce lacking the confidence and necessary skills to be fully effective in their jobs.

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