Product Detail

1) The Voxy Command Center

The Voxy Command Center is a self-service learner administration and reporting interface that gives customers control over their program and insight into the preset reports on learner engagement, proficiency gain, and more.

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2) Voxy Public Content

Voxy offers a wide variety of content in its public catalog to meet the needs of every learner.

Personalized Units
Voxy’s recommendation engine utilizes a constantly growing content library to create Personalized Units that adapt to each individual learners’ proficiency level, interests, and skills.

General English Courses
General English Courses are prepared by the Voxy Content Team to develop the essential skills identified by global standards like the CEFR. They are made available to all learners in the platform. Courses are available only to learners of a minimum proficiency level.

Public Career-Aligned Courses
Voxy offers a set of career-aligned courses across a wide variety of industries, designed to help learners achieve professional success with English. Some of these courses, including a wide range of introductory courses, are offered to all learners as part of the public catalog.

3) Voxy Premium Content

Voxy content and curriculum can be configured to meet more specific customer and learner needs.

Career-Aligned Courses
Voxy offers an additional set of premium courses designed to help learners develop industry-specific reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Depending on the customer’s needs, the customer can choose from Voxy’s list of existing courses. For an additional fee, Voxy can also produce new courses for other fields.

4) Custom Content Services

Curriculum Mapping
Voxy’s Content Team can configure new courses from existing units that align to existing scope and sequence, program schedules, and/or study time requirements.

Customer-Curated Curriculum Alignment
Customers can work closely with Voxy’s content team to re-sequence existing lessons into new units and courses that meet their curricular needs.

Voxy-Curated Curriculum Alignment
Voxy’s Content team can analyze existing lessons and create new lessons, units, and courses to create a learning experience that will parallel a customer’s existing curriculum.

Content Integration
Voxy can publish lessons using a customer’s specialized or proprietary content. These new lessons can then be configured into highly personalized units or courses for learners.

5) Voxy Live Instruction

Group Classes
Voxy group classes are led by native English teachers that are certified to teach English. The classes are designed to give learners the opportunity to practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills with other learners at the same proficiency level. The group classes also allow learners to get real-time feedback from a certified teacher as well as interact with peers. The group classes are based on Voxy lessons and are updated regularly to ensure learners can choose from the same relevant and interesting topics found in their self-study units. Each learner may reserve up to 8 group classes per month. Voxy group classes may be disabled from the learner experience for a group of learners, at the customer’s request.

Private Classes
Voxy private classes are led by native English speakers that are certified to teach English. The private classes are designed to be personalized based on the individual learner’s needs, interests, performance, and more. Learners are able to choose an area of focus for the class, the teacher, and the duration of the class upon booking (options are 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes). Voxy private classes require credits that can be purchased in bulk by customer and assigned to learners, or purchased directly be the learner. Each credit corresponds to 15 minutes of a private class. Voxy private classes may be disabled from the learner experience for a group of learners, at the customer’s request.

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6) Teacher Platform

Voxy offers customers the ability to host their own private classes led by customers’ teachers. Voxy will create teacher accounts and provide a 1 hour training to a customer teacher administrator. Teachers are able to set their availability, conduct private classes and submit written feedback to learners.

7) White Label Features

Voxy’s white label offering allows customers to integrate Voxy technology with their brand by adding their logo, brand colors, URL, and even the level names learners are exposed to in the offline experience, into the platform. The white label feature includes the development of native Android and iOS mobile apps with customer’s branding. Some functionality is not white-labeled, such as Voxy-led group sessions and learner support.

8) Voxy API

The Voxy API allows customers to integrate Voxy with their existing LMS or CMS so the two systems can perform tasks and exchange data. For example, the partner can use the API to request that Voxy create a new user on their behalf, or change some of a user’s profile information. They can also ask that we return information, such as the unit performance for a student.

9) LTI Integration

Voxy supports plug-and-play integrations with some popular LMSs via a standard protocol known as Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). In an LTI integration, the customer uses the LMS to organizing their students into classrooms, and then can add Voxy to any given classroom. The LTI integration with Voxy enables Single-Sign On (SSO) from the LMS classroom into Voxy, and can be set up with no technical knowledge required.

10) Voxy Proficiency Assessment (VPA®)

The VPA® provides an objective assessment of a learner’s proficiency level, based on international standards, and the score can be used to predict performance on other global standardized assessments like TOEFL, IELTS, CEFR.

The Oral Proficiency Assessment (OPT)
The OPT adds a high-quality oral proficiency assessment to the VPA® (Voxy Proficiency Assessment), by using trained language specialists that asynchronously grade spoken responses from test takers. Each OPT is graded by two specialists to assure consistency on final grade, and are completed within 72 hours of submission by the learner.

11) Learner Support

Voxy’s Learner Success Team (LST) is responsible for supporting the needs of Voxy’s learners to ensure that they stay motivated and engaged throughout their course experience. Learner Success Specialists are available via email, chat, and phone to provide support on various learner needs from technical issues to study recommendations and tips to get the most out of learning with Voxy.

12) Voxy’s Learner Engagement Program

The Voxy Learner Engagement Program is an engagement marketing program that leverages email, SMS, and push notifications to drive usage of the platform. Learners that are enrolled in Voxy will receive targeted messages that help them get started with their Voxy program and also encourage them to keep studying throughout the course of their license. Learners may unsubscribe at any time from the email program. Voxy does not make custom changes to the program.