Needs Analysis

A configurable needs analysis that collects detailed information on the learners goals, interests, level, time they are willing to dedicate to learning english etc. Using this information, we can better customize the content and study plan recommended to a learner.


Content & Curriculum

Study Plan

A personalized and configurable study plan that provides clear end explicit direction to learners on how they should spend their time in the Voxy platform in order to achieve proficiency gains. The study plan will become the home page and navigational centerpiece of the product.

Insights and Analytics

Command Center: Engagement Report

The Engagement Report, which is part of the suite of Key Engagement and Performance Reports, will show how much time learners are spending on Voxy and in which sections of the application they are spending their time.



New Lesson Experience

Redesign the core learning activities with goal of improving ease-of-use, increasing task completion and overall time spent in the product, as well as improved efficacy by providing more explicit feedback on errors.

Learner Outcomes

Asynchronous Speaking

Incorporate a user experience where users can practice output by submitting spoken samples to a teacher for feedback.

Learner Outcomes

Asynchronous Writing

Incorporate a user experience where users can practice output by submitting written samples to a teacher for feedback.

Insights & Analytics

Command Center: Custom Fields

Custom fields will enable powerful segmentation and filtering of learner data by attributes that are specific to organizations.These custom fields can then be used to filter reports. For example, corporate customers could create a custom “Department” field with values that represent their own organization structure.