You live, you learn.

Every day we create lessons from
thousands of hours of real-life
situations, including news articles,
audio recordings and interactive videos.

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Learn Everywhere

Learn authentic English by reading news from real sources like the Financial Times.
Learning from genuine sources teaches you expressions and cultural information that you won’t get from other static textbooks or online tools.
As you listen to music on your phone, you build vocabulary and reinforce new skills.
Finding time is one of the biggest obstacles to learning a language. Voxy makes it easy to get the repeated, regular practice that is necessary for success.
As you live your life, Voxy gets to know you and creates lessons based on your actual interests and activities.
When you learn from content that is relevant to you, you learn more quickly and retain more information. Research shows that personalized instruction is the most effective.
End your day practicing on any device. Activities are updated daily and based on your goals.
Our efficient activities keep you motivated and immersed in the task of learning. Activities are designed to reinforce what you have learned and highlight areas where you need practice.

How It Works


Personalized Lessons

Whether you are a beginner or advanced learner, we identify your unique needs and set you on a 12-month course with a private tutor and skill-based lessons that adjust to your performance in real time so it’s never too easy or too hard. Your certified tutor has access to your records to better customize your one-on-one sessions so you don’t waste time learning things that are not relevant to your life.

Authentic Content

Get unlimited access to thousands of hours of fresh content. Build your vocabulary by reading news articles from the Financial Times, practice your listening skills by watching videos from the Associated Press, and improve your pronunciation with our audio recordings from real-life situations.

Beyond Textbooks

We don’t believe learning should be based on static content, memorizing verb charts, or learning vocabulary words out of context. That’s why we create engaging activities with authentic language used by native speakers. We don't write lessons for you, we tailor real-world content with technology and turn it into lessons adapted to your language level, interests, and goals.


Live Tutoring Sessions

Our one-on-one sessions and group classes are an integral part of your course. Each class is tailored to your goals, interests, and performance to accelerate your learning. If you prefer to practice with other learners, you can always go to the Tutor Center and reserve a class on a topic that you like. Learners who use tutoring are 2x more engaged, and score 15% higher on proficiency exams.

Task-Based Lessons

Adults learn by doing. If you need to order at a restaurant or practice for a job interview, you need to start working on how to do that in English. It will be more efficient and much faster than just trying to memorize a list of words and then go out and use those words to do a task.

Multi-Platform Access

If you have give minutes before a meeting or an hour after dinner, fit learning into your busy schedule. Your course is synced on your computer, tablet, and mobile so you can pick up your personalized lessons where you left off. With our bite-size lessons, it’s easier to get the practice you need to achieve your goals.


Progress Tracking

We believe that you can’t improve something without being able to measure it; that’s why we provide real-time feedback with up-to-date charts and easy-to-read reports that evaluate your vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. You can clearly recognize which activities you’ve mastered and which areas still need improvement.

Proficiency Level

Every three months you will be able to take the Voxy Proficiency Assessment™ (VPA™) to measure your overall improvement. Based on your results, your lessons will adapt to your performance and you will be placed into one of the 15 levels spread across seven categories.

Real Commitment

It takes real commitment to fit language learning into your daily life. In order to keep you motivated, we send you customized study reminders, social media activities, SMS notifications, and personalized tips to help keep up your momentum. Think of it as your personal language coach.