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General English

In these courses, learners will learn how to accomplish basic daily tasks such as counting, ordering a meal at a restaurant, asking for directions and introducing themselves. Each course also teaches the can-do statements found in CEFR for learners at every level.

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Syllabus - Beginner English

1. Introductions

Learn how to greet people, introduce yourself and describe professions.

2. Letters

Learn the alphabet and how to spell words in English.

3. Numbers & Money

Learn about numbers and prices in English.

4. Personal Information

Learn how to give information about your name, address and date of birth.

5. Friends & Family

Learn how to talk about your family, how to describe people and how to communicate about professions.

6. Calendar & Time

Learn how to express time and how to talk about the calendar and seasons in English.

7. Daily & Social Life

Learn how to talk about daily routines, hobbies and how to make plans with friends.

8. Town & Transportation

Learn how to ask for directions, describe places and talk about different forms of transportation.

9. Food

Learn how to talk about food, make reservations and order at a restaurant.

10. Health

Learn key vocabulary related to health and how to talk about exercise and fitness.

11. Travel

Learn how to complete travel-related tasks and talk about vacations in English.

12. Review

Review the Beginner English course.

Syllabus - Low Intermediate English

1. Making Small Talk

Learn how to engage in small talk with friends and acquaintances.

2. At the Store

Learn how to inquire about product information and pricing.

3. Giving & Following Instructions

Learn how to give and follow instructions in a variety of subject areas.

4. Talking About Hobbies & Skills

Learn how to discuss hobbies and skills with friends and family.

5. Talking About Work

Learn how to talk about jobs and responsibilities.

6. Going Out

Learn how to make and confirm plans with friends.

7. Travel

Learn how to book travel arrangements and ask for directions.

8. Giving Recommendations

Learn how to make and understand recommendations and suggestions on a variety of topics.

9. Understanding Social Media

Learn how to interact with others on popular social media platforms.

10. Asking for Clarification

Learn a variety of ways to ask for clarification in conversation.

11. Expressing Preferences

Learn how to express preferences on topics related to travel, health, food and more.

12. Discussing Pop Culture

Learn how to talk about celebrities and entertainment with friends.

13. Expressing Opinions & Points of View

Learn how to express points of view on controversial subjects.

14. Review

Review the key communication strategies in this course.

Syllabus - Intermediate English

1. Getting Around Town

Learn how to read maps and travel confirmation emails. Also learn how to ask for directions and understand responses in English.

2. At a Restaurant

Learn vocabulary and situations related to restaurants, including how to order and paying the check.

3. At the Doctor

Learn about health, medical research and medical terms to talk to a doctor or healthcare provider in English.

4. At Work

Learn about communicating at work, including understanding the main idea in presentations, key business terminology related to meetings and general business protocol.

5. At School

Learn how to understand instructions in the classroom and common phrases and expressions related to academic English.

6. Shopping

Learn how to get the best shopping deals, how to shop online and how to communicate with retail staff.

7. At the Airport

Learn how to communicate with airport staff and understand key announcements before and during a flight.

8. At a Hotel

Learn vocabulary to communicate with staff and customers in the hospitality industry. Also understand emails related to hotel reservations and how to make requests while staying in a hotel.

9. Socializing

Learn how to talk about everyday life, interests and hobbies. Also understand conversations about past and upcoming plans.

10. Interacting on Social Media

Learn about tweets, status updates, news feeds and many more social media features.

11. Expressing Opinions

Learn how to express opinions in English and how to engage in a debate with your friends.

12. Common Idioms

Learn common idioms in English and how they are used in the real world.

13. World News (UPDATED DAILY!)

Read and understand texts, documents and recordings related to world news and current events. Learn about topics related to politics, business, travel, science, health, entertainment, sports and more.

14. Celebrities & Entertainment (UPDATED DAILY!)

Learn the latest in celebrity gossip, music, movies, television and general entertainment news.

15. Review

This unit contains guides to the most common writing prompts on English language exams. Also study real-life examples and learn how to conquer the most intimidating writing exams.

Syllabus - Advanced English

1. Entertainment

Watch entertainment news reports and read articles on celebrities and the entertainment industry. Also analyze complex arguments and learn how to discuss entertainment topics in detail.

2. Socializing & Effective Communication

Listen to conversations on social media, pop culture, social issues and more. Learn how to follow multiple speakers in noisy situations as they discuss and debate, often using slang and idioms.

3. Technology

Learn how to discuss all things technology, and understand how to use and compare sophisticated products.

4. Travel & Leisure

Understand specialized topics in travel and tourism, and learn how to discuss complex itineraries, unusual activities and prepare for a wide variety of excursions.

5. Career Success

Learn about best practices in career development and be better able to discuss complex topics from the world of work.

6. Lifestyle

Read articles and watch videos about the latest research and trends in mental health, relationships, nutrition and fitness.

7. Academic Skills

Explore best practices in academic research and develop the ability to dive into complex texts with nuanced arguments.

8. Current Events

Understand world news and current events, including topics related to politics, business, travel, science, health, entertainment, sports and more.

9. Review

Review course material.

Certification available for your learners

Learners who complete the General English courses will receive certificates of completion to demonstrate their proficiency level.

Courses on any subject are available

We are constantly adding new courses to help learners with their career-specific English skills, and can easily include new ones to meet the particular needs of your learners.