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Profesores de Voxy de todo el mundo nos comparten sus mejores tips para trabajar y enseñar de manera remota

En esta edición especial de nuestro blog, Profesores de Voxy de todo el mundo nos comparten sus mejores tips para trabajar y enseñar de manera remota. Continua leyendo para ver los consejos que han compartido.

4 historias impactantes de clientes de Voxy que te van a inspirar

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Helping clients and their global teams improve performance while increasing ROI is a mission Voxy takes seriously. We don’t often get to publicly share the journey of our clients’ employees and their real-world success with English because of Voxy instructors. These four client stories may inspire you.

The Benefits of Live Instruction

Video conferencing software has made enormous strides in the last few years, and most people probably have encountered multiple applications that can easily facilitate virtual, face-to-face conversations with friends, family, and colleagues from phones or computers.  In the “olden days”–that is, even just three or four years ago–tools like Skype or Google Hangouts would crash, …

¿Por qué no sabemos cuánto tiempo toma aprender algo?

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Existe evidencia de que, en general, la tecnología puede brindar oportunidades de estudio a quienes no podrían acceder a la educación de otra manera, lo cual tendrá un impacto enorme en la vida de millones de personas.  Sin embargo, los cursos en línea siguen siendo copias de las clases presenciales y, en cuanto al diseño instruccional, todavía podríamos ser mucho más innovadores y revolucionarios.  Quizás, parte del problema se deba a que no estamos aprovechando todo lo que la enseñanza impulsada por tecnología puede ofrecer a la ciencia del aprendizaje.

Voxy Enters Saudi Arabia with a Partnership to Bring Instruction to Approximately Two Million Learners

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Through their ambitious and recently launched Saudi Vision 2030 plan, the government of Saudi Arabia is prioritizing educational programs as a key part of diversifying the economy and spurring innovation. Voxy has partnered with its local distributor, the National Company for Training and Educational Technologies, to bring English language instruction to nearly two million learners.

It’s Time for Language Learning to Embrace Individualized Instruction

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We know from copious amounts of research that instruction works best when it is personal. Yet daunted at the prospect of sorting this out, many language programs revert to the outdated approach of just assigning everyone the same thing. However, maybe incorporating individualized instruction into a group curriculum isn’t as hard as it might seem.

Five English Lesson Ideas Based on Authentic, Real-World Content

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We know that using authentic content is important in English language instruction, and there are dozens of ways to do it, from having students write Yelp reviews to watching YouTube videos. However, the bigger question is how to use authentic content in a way that is needs-based, personalized, and relevant.

Eliminating the Foreign Language Requirement

In the U.S., we force students to sit through mind-numbing grammar lessons and stilted dialogues, leaving them unable to order coffee at a French bistro. But that doesn’t mean we should eliminate language instruction. It’s incredibly important for everyone to speak more than one language in today’s interconnected world.