Leveraging the Benefits of Online Learning: Unveiling the Command Center

voxy command center overview report screenshot

We are excited to report that Voxy has recently released a user-friendly administrative and reporting dashboard—the Command Center—that lets our clients easily and quickly generate, sort, filter, and analyze the data produced by their students. Learn how this tool offers insight into what learners are doing to improve both immediate outcomes and future decisions and how it helps harness the potential of technology to change the way we think about language learning.

The New Voxy: Changes launched in Spring 2013 reveal an even more personalized language learning product

Six months ago, if you started a Voxy language lesson via the web on your home computer, and then had to head out to work or school, that lesson would start anew when you logged into your mobile app en-route. Not anymore. Being able to continue lessons between devices and across three platforms – web, …