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Parents Are Key to Success for Young English Learners

Voxy’s Dr. Katie Nielson recently wrote an op-ed that was published by The 74, an online education-focused publication. Dr. Nielson takes on the very timely challenge of educating young recent immigrants in English. Here is a short excerpt: Like any student group with additional needs, English learners can achieve academically with access to sufficient resources …

Immigrants’ Top 10 Language Learning Needs: One Size Does Not Fit All

There are over 43 million immigrants in the U.S., and more than 20 million are adults who are what’s called “Limited English Proficient,” or LEP. This means that on top of all the struggles they face to provide for themselves and their families, they have a huge and staggering additional barrier–not understanding English. Yet our ESL programs often don’t address the multitude of needs of this population in solving the real-world problems they face in their daily lives.

The Future of English Language Learning is Mobile

It’s been estimated that more than 2.3 billion people will be smartphone users in 2017—an almost 150% increase in just three years and climbing. And for the first time in history, more people are accessing the internet using a mobile device than a desktop computer. These numbers are staggering and the shift to mobile is …