[Podcast] Language Learning and the E-Learning Landscape

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Last week I joined Kaplan’s Trending in Education Podcast to discuss Voxy’s approach to teaching English to non-native speakers, using technology to improve learning outcomes, and how applicable lessons I learned from experiences teaching english to non-native speakers might be to the broader space of online learning end education. Listen to the episode here.

Unintended Consequences: Is Digital Collaboration Actually Impeding Language Learning Outcomes?

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Dr. Katie Nielson, Voxy’s Chief Education Officer, asks if online collaboration may in fact be an impediment to achieving language learning outcomes. With the recent proliferation of online learning, it’s a fascinating question for anyone in education or corporate learning and development. Read this article recently published in Language Magazine.

If You Want to Learn a Language, It’s Time to Stop Playing Games

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Now more than ever, the education industry is focused on “gamification,” or creating learning activities from games. But many of the things that make playing a game fun are the same factors that make language learning hard. Let’s explore several ways game and language application designers can bridge this gap.

Five English Lesson Ideas Based on Authentic, Real-World Content

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We know that using authentic content is important in English language instruction, and there are dozens of ways to do it, from having students write Yelp reviews to watching YouTube videos. However, the bigger question is how to use authentic content in a way that is needs-based, personalized, and relevant.

Implementing Technology Programs in Workforce Language Training [Webinar]

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Workforce development is the ideal place to implement a task-based language training program as learners have clear, real-world goals and because language instruction can be incorporated into training for other skills. In this post, an in-depth webinar on developing a strategy, designing effective language instruction, and measuring learner and course outcomes.

Cómo desarrollar un programa eficaz para la enseñanza de inglés en el lugar de trabajo: ¡Es más fácil de lo que tú crees!

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Learning and development is only one of the many competing priorities that Human Resources (HR) managers face. Fortunately, though, there are some easy-to-follow guidelines that can help HR professionals assess the quality of their current English training programs and, if necessary, bring in more effective, efficient, and innovative tools to help their employees develop their language skills.

La escritura en las clases de idiomas en línea

Por la Dra. Katharine B. Nielson – Una pregunta que me hacen mucho los profesores cuando preparan sus cursos de idiomas en línea es cómo estructurar la comunicación entre estudiantes. La pregunta surge porque hay innumerables estudios empíricos sobre aprendizaje a distancia donde se ha determinado que el sentimiento de colectividad en la clase impulsa …

¿Cuánto tiempo se necesita para aprender un idioma?

Por la Dra. Katharine B. Nielson – Otra pregunta que me hacen todo el tiempo es cuánto tiempo se necesita para aprender un idioma. Y mi respuesta, que a nadie le gusta, es “depende”. Pero no hay una respuesta fácil a esta pregunta porque verdaderamente depende de muchos otros factores, como cuánto tiempo tienes disponible, …