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«Estrategias y mejores prácticas para programas de idiomas» evento organizado por Voxy en Brasil

brasil evento presencial abril 2019

Recientemente, Voxy convocó a líderes de RRHH y el desarrollo profesional en Brasil para un emocionante evento presencial. Enfocado en «Estrategias y mejores prácticas para programas de idiomas», el evento abordó las preocupaciones más frecuentes que se enfrentan las empresas en escoger un programa de aprendizaje de idiomas y resultó en una discusión esclarecedora. Lee más para ver que se aprendió en el evento.

Voxy de camino: noticias desde TESOL 2019

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Throughout the year, Voxy attends dozens of events and conferences focused on developments in language learning. At our most recent stop, the 2019 TESOL International Convention, our Chief Education Officer Katie Neilson gave an exciting presentation on how Voxy personalizes language learning so both an engineer in Italy or a hotel receptionist in São Paulo can enjoy a tailored experience.

Voxy en SXSW EDU: El potencial de la tecnología para transformar la educación para los refugiados

south by southwest edu 2019

For the last six years, the number of refugees worldwide has increased, now surpassing 68 million people. Here, Dr. Katie Nielson recaps her insightful SXSW EDU 2019 panel discussion on this topic with other leaders from higher education and workforce development.

[Podcast] Language Learning and the E-Learning Landscape

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Last week I joined Kaplan’s Trending in Education Podcast to discuss Voxy’s approach to teaching English to non-native speakers, using technology to improve learning outcomes, and how applicable lessons I learned from experiences teaching english to non-native speakers might be to the broader space of online learning end education. Listen to the episode here.

Unintended Consequences: Is Digital Collaboration Actually Impeding Language Learning Outcomes?

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Dr. Katie Nielson, Voxy’s Chief Education Officer, asks if online collaboration may in fact be an impediment to achieving language learning outcomes. With the recent proliferation of online learning, it’s a fascinating question for anyone in education or corporate learning and development. Read this article recently published in Language Magazine.