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Los mejores momentos de Voxy de 2019

El año pasado fue un año fenomenal para Voxy. Desarrollamos relaciones con compañías poderosas, lanzamos New Americans Initiative, tuvimos la agenda llena de eventos y ganamos varios premios. Si bien nos encantaría resaltar todo a detalle, estos son algunos de nuestros eventos favoritos del año pasado.

Customer Success: El asunto del momento

compass leaning against window

Know the old adage “attracting a new customer costs more than keeping an old one”? Increasing customer loyalty, retention, and profitability all stem from aligning your company’s efforts to the customer’s success. Read on as we explore the evolution of the Customer Success role and why it’s here to stay.

Highlights from The South Korean Ministry of Education’s Visit to Voxy

delegation from ministry of education of south korea

Recently, we were honored to have a delegation from the South Korean Ministry of Education at Voxy’s headquarters. Comprised of educators, ministry officials, school system administrators, and research fellows collaborating to build an online, open secondary school, it was a treat to host a workshop for the delegation on how to use technology to improve learning outcomes.

English for 21st-Century Careers

To be a successful marketer, it’s critical to stay on top of the industry terms and tactics that are constantly changing in today’s digital landscape. Take mobile marketing, for example: More than $100 billion was spent on mobile advertising last year, accounting for more than 50% of all digital ad expenditure globally. That’s a nearly …

When Stakes are High: English for Healthcare Professionals

Imagine you’re an emergency room nurse, managing multiple life-threatening injuries in a hectic environment, rushing alongside dozens of other medical professionals to get a patient in critical condition the treatment he needs to survive. Now imagine having to do all that in a language you’re not comfortable speaking. When you need to learn English for …