Un nuevo nivel de aprendizaje de idiomas personalizado: presentando el Needs Analysis

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It’s a well-established fact that the most effective language instruction is personalized to each learner, but determining how exactly to make instruction relevant enough to engage every learner is no small task. Voxy is pleased to introduce the Needs Analysis, our newest step in bringing a fully personalized English language learning experience to each and every user.

The Needs Analysis reinforces our commitment to personalized learning as a top priority in our approach to English language training by further refining the picture we gain of the learners we serve before immersing them in personalized curricula. Taking into consideration everything from individuals’ career goals and interests to their current proficiency levels, we provide individualized curricula that tailor the content learners interact with to make learning as relevant as possible.

Far beyond a simple baseline assessment, the Needs Analysis helps paint a clearer picture of a user’s current English language proficiency and goals by guiding users through a comprehensive questionnaire which includes nuanced questions about their language learning goals and interests. Collection of these important data points surfaces a clearer understanding of learners’ desired outcomes, allowing Voxy to refine content and live instruction and make learning even more relevant, engaging and, of course, personalized.

Learners are provided with personalized content in many forms, from high-interest, up-to-date and diverse multimedia from trusted publishers to industry-specific vocabulary practice, career-aligned courses, and even company onboarding materials sourced from real-world examples. Personalizing the learning experience even further, Voxy’s curriculum engine employs adaptive algorithms to select lessons based on the learner’s proficiency and in sequence to respond to learner performance and need, optimizing learners’ reading, listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary practice to more effectively improve their skills in each area.

At Voxy, we know that personalized instruction can only be so effective without one other key element: flexibility. The best teachers individualize instruction for each learner and check in often to adapt their approach. It is for this reason that, alongside the launch of our Needs Analysis, we are pleased to announce a rollout of improvements to our recommendation engine, which will now factor in the additional insights gained from the Needs Analysis to further customize user content recommendations. Once a user has enrolled in a curriculum, the engine will, through machine learning, make highly individualized recommendations based on both initial data from the Needs Analysis as well as ongoing learner usage. We expect that these improvements to the recommendation engine, in concert with the Needs Analysis, will result in unparalleled success in online English language learning.

Voxy’s commitment to highly personalized curricula is simply unmatched in other English language learning programs. Both our partners and our customers can expect a stronger return on investment, as organizations and individuals alike will find that the Needs Analysis leads to an even more individualized experience which yields efficient and effective results.