How One University Uses Voxy to Support the Unique Needs of All Its Students

Every language learner has his or her own unique needs, which is why it can be so difficult for educators to give entire groups of students the personalized language support they need in a traditional classroom setting—there simply isn’t enough time!

Uniube, a Brazilian university with about 25,000 students, understands this problem well. The school offers an Education program that prepares students to become English teachers, but many students didn’t have the necessary English proficiency to benefit from their classes or to be able to teach English themselves. Uniube needed a flexible, cost-effective English solution that would work for students of different starting proficiency levels, grow with them as their needs changed and work in conjunction with their existing curriculum.

Voxy addressed these concerns by offering Uniube a blended learning solution that includes a custom study guide for its Education program, weekly goals aligned with their curricular objectives and proficiency goals for learners at different stages of the program. Plus, Voxy’s online English classes allow Uniube to offer students a comprehensive program to improve their speaking skills, without hiring any new English teachers. The adaptive nature of Voxy’s program means that learners of all proficiency levels are working to improve their skills as they acquire expertise in their core curriculum.

Looking ahead, Uniube also plans to offer its students access to Voxy’s teacher training course, Teaching English: TEFL Pedagogy and Best Practices.

To learn how Uniube’s students improved with Voxy, download the full case study here.