ULACIT Takes Control of Its Curriculum by Digitizing Materials with Voxy

We are excited to announce a new partnership with the Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnología (ULACIT), one of the most prestigious private universities in Latin America. Based in San Jose, Costa Rica, ULACIT maintains an English school for university students as well as independent English learners. ULACIT is using Voxy to digitize its entire English curriculum, and to offer its students thousands of additional English resources and powerful learning tools that are available 24/7 through Voxy’s web and mobile applications. Voxy has replaced hard-copy books for the program—removing the burden from ULACIT of maintaining a large inventory of textbooks—and provides much greater flexibility for students to access their course anytime, anywhere.

“Especially because ULACIT is focused on science and technology, we are extremely proud to have been selected as the best online content and technology provider for their students,” said Daniel Lichi, Director of Business Development at Voxy. “Through this partnership, Voxy will help ULACIT move into to the next era of high-tech learning and provide their students with a truly blended English program, a totally integrated curriculum and aligned support from both Voxy and ULACIT’s faculty.”

Voxy will provide ULACIT with the data and reporting it needs to better understand the language learning process and to best support its students. This includes unprecedented visibility into what students are doing outside the classroom, which opens up new opportunities to track students’ progress and identify areas of improvement. For example, ULACIT can use Voxy to monitor specific areas of language development, such as vocabulary or grammar, to understand why and where a student may be struggling.

“By working with Voxy, we can determine what’s relevant to students and what areas of need we should add to in the future,” said Bernal Céspedes Mora, the Dean of the School of Education and General Studies at ULACIT. “But the biggest difference maker is the fact that Voxy allows the university to have control over the academic process rather than have a textbook publisher tell you what to do on a weekly basis.”

By eliminating reliance on textbooks, Voxy also gives ULACIT more control over the learning experience. Most schools follow a path that the book lays out for them, but ULACIT can make all of its own curricular decisions with Voxy’s flexible platform. And unlike textbooks that often don’t offer enough challenging tasks for language learners, Voxy provides the kind of academic rigor and integrity that results in significant, meaningful learning.