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Featured Voxy Course: Introduction to English for Certified Nursing Assistants

Voxy is excited to announce our new course, Introduction to English for Certified Nursing Assistants! This course is designed for English language learners (high beginner to low intermediate) and will improve their overall English proficiency using content from the CNA field, preparing them for the vocabulary, concepts, and structures they’ll see in a CNA certification course.

Five Unexpected Ways Your Organization Will Benefit by Helping LEP Employees

Helping immigrants and limited English proficiency (LEP) employees learn English offers clear, measurable benefits to companies that affect bottom line, ROI, and performance. Voxy’s Chief Education Officer, Katie Nielson explores five unexpected ways your organization will benefit by helping employees with limited English proficiency.

Voxy’s Chief Education Officer to Host Live Quora Session

We are excited to announce our Chief Education Officer, Dr. Katie Nielson will host a Quora Session on November 18 with the chance to submit questions early on November 14. Quora Sessions offer a live Q&A with select experts in various fields, and Katie is excited to share her expertise on language learning! Continue reading to learn more.

Voxy Live Brings Together Top Human Resources Leaders in Mexico

The most recent edition of Voxy Live, our exclusive event series for HR and professional development leaders, took place this month in Mexico City. Unable to attend? Two Voxy clients shared their positive experiences using our platform. Read on to learn more including highlights from the event.

Voxy on the Road: National Immigrant Integration Conference 2019

The National Immigrant Integration Conference (NIIC) is one of the largest U.S. conferences on immigration integration and is integral in furthering the rights of immigrants and refugees. This year’s conference will be held at Detroit’s TCF Center and will include presentations from Tadd Wamester, Director of the New Americans Initiative at Voxy. Join us October 20-22