Voxy Expands Partnership with Grundfos

Voxy recently expanded its partnership with Grundfos to become the company’s recommended English learning provider.

Grundfos is one of the world’s largest pump manufacturers, with 90 locations around the world and approximately 17,000 employees. The company offers a range of benefits through an internal learning and development program, which has included a distance English learning course since September 2014. As part of its initial offering last year, Grundfos launched a highly successful Voxy pilot with 25 employees, which exceeded engagement goals during a 6-month period and resulted in an overall proficiency gain for the group of a 7.5% score improvement.

After test-driving Voxy as well as another product in search of an optimal solution, Grundfos announced in Spring 2015 that Voxy will be its recommended English learning provider going forward. Because Grundfos has such a broad global reach, many employees are not native English speakers and could benefit greatly from Voxy’s personalized online courses.

“We like the responsiveness towards program customizations catering for our needs and are very satisfied with the service level provided by Voxy,” said Gunnar Tindborg, L&D Manager at Grundfos.

Grundfos employees now have the ability to enroll in a 6- or 12-month Voxy course, with the added option of private tutoring for one-on-one practice with a certified English instructor. Voxy has also created a custom manufacturing unit for more targeted industry-specific language learning, which is available to all Voxy learners. The unit includes authentic materials sourced by the Voxy Pedagogy Team as well as corporate materials provided by Grundfos, including instructional videos and articles from the company’s in-house publication G Magazine.

“Voxy’s ability to integrate with partners’ organizational programming, as well as provide specific, relevant instruction, is a key feature of our relationships with world-class partners like Grundfos,” said Voxy Chief of Operations Juan Torres.

Brandon Hall Group Gold Award Best Advance in Custom Content

Voxy Wins Brandon Hall Gold Award for Best Advance in Custom Content

We’re excited to announce that Voxy has won a Brandon Hall Group gold award for excellence in the Best Advance in Custom Content category.

This award recognizes Voxy’s personalized approach to designing instructional materials for English language learners, as well as its ability to develop custom content for institutional partners. Voxy’s library of educational resources is updated daily, and contains more than 30,000 hours of authentic content from leading publishers like the Associated Press, Bloomberg and Financial Times.

“Voxy is very proud to have won this award and to be in the company of other organizations doing such exciting, innovative work,” said Voxy CEO Paul Gollash. “Offering learners access to personalized, custom content is integral to our success because it’s the most efficient way to help them meet their language learning goals. Rather than using a one-size-fits-all curriculum, Voxy creates a micro-personalized experience for each learner.”

Voxy’s proprietary natural language processing (NLP) technology can turn any media content into an effective lesson, and a powerful recommendation engine allows Voxy to personalize instruction in real time. Every Voxy course is tailored to a learner’s proficiency level, goals and personal interests, which means no two courses are exactly alike.

Voxy can also develop custom content for the specific needs of its institutional partners, representing a significant breakthrough for Voxy’s enterprise product. Educational institutions are therefore better equipped to integrate Voxy into their preexisting curricula, and corporate materials required for staff training can be transformed into learning material on Voxy’s platform.

“The high quality of work and commitment to driving business results among our award winners never fails to amaze me,” said Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer of Brandon Hall Group and head of the awards program. “All of these winning programs deliver meaningful business results to their organizations. Winning an Excellence Award is a great honor, but the real winners are the organizations themselves and their customers and clients because of the innovation and customer focus they demonstrate.”

To see the full list of Brandon Hall Group Award winners, please click here.

David Fay discusses technology in a global context.

Voxy goes to the White House!

Earlier this month, Voxy’s Chief Education Officer, Dr. Katharine B. Nielson, PhD, was one of four experts invited to speak at the White House as part of a brand new event called Technology in English. Also presenting were Greg Kessler, Professor and Director of the Language Resource Center at Ohio University; Lewis Johnson, Alelo cofounder; and David Fay, Regional English Language Officer at the U.S. Department of State.

The meeting, organized by John Mark King, a Regional English Language Officer at the U.S. Department of State, was designed to spark a dialogue across disciplines on the topic of English language learning and educational technology.

Despite the growing number of English language learners (ELLs) nationwide, there are relatively few emerging technologies designed to support their unique language learning needs. But forums like Technology in English—with attendees from academia, government and the private sector seeking new ways to collaborate—may help to change that.

During the event’s “Innovation Sharing” session, Nielson spoke about Voxy’s approach to educational technology and underscored the importance of using technology as an aid rather than a replacement to human involvement.

“We innovate by finding ways to use technology to make the historically inefficient and time-consuming elements of language instruction more streamlined and scalable than they are in traditional settings,” said Nielson.

In other words, Voxy uses technology to help teachers do what they do best: identify appropriate learning material, offer learners individualized feedback and provide learners with opportunities for output and interaction. Voxy also uses technology to help personalize instruction, produce effective learning material and track learner progress.

What emerged from the many lively discussions and workshop-style sessions of the day was that this diverse group of professionals all shared the same objective: How can we make English language learning and teaching more accessible to more learners through the use of technology?

Technology in English shed light on other areas of common ground, too, including:

  • There was a unanimous desire among attendees to find synergistic ways of working together.
  • There was significant interest in finding practical, demonstrable ways of improving access and outcomes for English learning.
  • Stakeholders agreed that teachers are the most logical—and potentially most impactful—starting place to improve English language learning. Improving teacher training will be critical to drive innovation and change.

In an effort to keep the conversation going long after the event, a shared online space was made available to attendees for post-event followup and future collaborations. Each attendee brought different areas of expertise to the table and also needed help in different ways. The online collaboration tool will hopefully fill in these gaps, providing access to information, research and advice from industry peers.

Twenty four leaders in English learning and technology gathered at the White House Conference Center on September 15, 2015.

Twenty four leaders in English learning and technology gathered at the White House Conference Center on September 15, 2015.

Richard Stengel, Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, delivers welcoming remarks.

Richard Stengel, Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, delivers welcoming remarks.

Participants brainstorm novel ways of using technology to increase access to English language learning.

Participants brainstorm novel ways of using technology to increase access to English language learning.

Technology in English 4

Katharine Nielson illustrates Voxy's innovative approach to content development.

Katharine Nielson illustrates Voxy’s innovative approach to content development.

Evan Ryan, Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, and David Fay continue brainstorming.

Evan Ryan, Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, and David Fay continue brainstorming.

Dr. Lewis Johnson demonstrates Alelo’s speech recognition technology.

Dr. Lewis Johnson demonstrates Alelo’s speech recognition technology.

David Fay discusses technology in a global context.

David Fay discusses technology in a global context.


Technology in English was made possible by the White House Office of Global Engagement and the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Photos courtesy of the Department of State. Learn more at

Idioms of the World

Idioms of the World

The following guest post originally appeared on

We use idioms to pepper our speech and writing, often without even realizing we’re doing it. These odd little phrases are used to express a sentiment other than their literal meaning. It doesn’t really rain cats and dogs, as the world and his wife knows.

I’ve always been fascinated by foreign idioms; they give us a unique insight into the culture that uses them. Did you know that in German you can say “to live like a maggot in bacon” instead of “to live the life of luxury”? Idioms can tell us a lot about what matters to a nation. They’re a window to the soul.

We wanted to explore the world in all its linguistic glory, so we asked artist and illustrator Marcus Oakley to draw some of his favorite idioms from across the globe. We hope they inspire you to learn the local idioms next time you travel.

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Voxy Academics' Choice Smart Media Award Winner

Voxy Wins 2015 Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award

Academics' Choice Smart Media Award Winner 2015Voxy is pleased to announce that it received a 2015 Smart Media Award from Academics’ Choice.

The independent Academics’ Choice Awards program and its seal of excellence are recognized worldwide by consumers and educational institutions as a mark of genuinely effective learning tools that stimulate the mind and develop higher order thinking skills.

“Voxy’s mission is to change the way the world learns English by offering an effective, engaging product grounded in empirically-established best practices for language learning,” said Dr. Katie Nielson, Voxy’s Chief Education Officer. “We are thrilled to have won an Academics’ Choice award, which offers an exceptional endorsement of our innovative methodological approach.”

Voxy’s English learning platform adapts to each learner’s needs in real time based on their proficiency level, interests, goals and daily performance. By using machine learning and a powerful recommendation engine, Voxy can build a personalized learning experience at scale using exclusively authentic content—including popular music, videos and current news articles from leading publishers like the AP and Bloomberg. Learners also have access to one-on-one and group tutoring online and a fully integrated mobile app.

“As a former ESL instructor and tutor, I found Voxy to be simply amazing!” said one Academics’ Choice Awards reviewer. “The approach makes learning and practicing the English language so much more exciting, relevant, interesting and dynamic. The words you are learning and the topics through which you are learning them are truly personalized. The topics are not only designed around your interests, but they are modern, based on current events, which makes it so much more fun.”

“For both kids and adults, this process is so much better than classic language textbooks,” said another reviewer.

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