Voxy Photo Flashcards Now Available on iPhone

What do you get when you cross a traditional flashcard with iOS capabilities? A very cool and effective way to continue learning a language from life: Voxy’s photo flashcards in the palm of your hand, on your iPhone.

With the latest update to our iPhone app, Aprende inglés – Voxy, building your own photo flashcards couldn’t be easier. Using your mobile device’s camera, you can take a snapshot of any object that you’d like to be able to identify in English. Voxy’s image recognition technology will send back the sought-after vocabulary and original photo in the form of a digital flashcard that learners can save and study.

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Flashcard critics often cite a general “lack of context” as the reason for their disenchantment with such study tools. Others grieve that glancing at a word or definition on an index card favors visual learners over those with auditory and kinesthetic preferences. By harnessing the power of hands-on, contextual learning and offering on-demand pronunciations of vocabulary, our flashcards give learners of all styles a reason to Point, Click and Learn.

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