How To Reinforce Mobile Language Learning in a Technology-Light Classroom

In this digital age, the conversation surrounding the use of technology in the language classroom has exploded. Should instructors introduce technology in the classroom? If so, how? One of the reasons such questions exist is that there is a monumental difference in the number of students versus educators who consider themselves tech-savvy. While many teachers are well aware that their students are already fully tapped into – and ready to take advantage of – mobile learning environments, for example, they themselves are unwilling to overhaul their classroom methodologies.

Howard Vickers, a TESOL and “teaching 2.0” advocate, insists that there is still hope for these old-school or skeptical teachers. In this article, as well as in the videos below, Vickers describes how he has been using mobile devices for his own language learning outside of his lessons in technology-light classrooms. Based on his positive experiences, he now uses a similar approach to support his students with their own mobile learning.

Read Vickers’ reflection.

The following videos contain Parts 1, 5 and 6 (of 8 total) of Vicker’s presentation at the 2010 CoTESOL Convention. For additional coverage of the presentation, click through to Avatar Languages’ archives.