Powerful English eBook Explains How Voxy Measures Progress

We’ve developed a uniquely comprehensive approach to measuring learner outcomes that provides critical insight into the language-learning process and the success of Voxy English learners. Powerful English: 7 Metrics for Measuring Learner Outcomes defines a set of research-based principles, or metrics, that Voxy uses to calculate outcomes such as proficiency improvement and the ability to use a target language in the real world.

For the first time in this ebook, we share an in-depth view of all seven metrics:

1. Time on task
2. Frequency
3. Achievement
4. Instructor feedback
5. Learner satisfaction
6. Real-world success
7. Proficiency improvement

Powerful English also shows how learner-outcome data can be used to pinpoint specific areas for potential product improvement, allowing us to continually refine our pedagogical method and deliver the most effective English solution possible.

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Discover what metrics Voxy uses to measure English learning outcomes.