Answers to Your Biggest Language-Learning Questions


There are hundreds of ESL programs to choose from. Familiar names, independent schools and newcomers to the field have all widened the pool of institutions promising to deliver innovative products and personalized services to your school or business as a unique English learning solution. To help you select the program that best fits your needs, Voxy’s Chief Education Officer, Dr. Katharine Nielson, PhD, has answered 10 of your most pressing questions. Two of Dr. Nielson’s responses are below, but you can download the complete ebook for free to view all 10 responses that will help you choose the best language provider for your organization.

Q: What’s the most effective method?
A: Language-learning providers are using blended learning solutions to maximize the benefits of both technology and in-person classes. However, because most of their methods have relied on using technology to foster outdated teaching techniques, they have proven to be outdated, inefficient and boring. The most efficient method is to offer students access to authentic content that matches exactly what they need to learn and to compliment their lessons with high-quality personalized instruction to get just-in-time feedback when they need it the most.

Q: Are the English instructors native speakers? Are they certified?
A: Listening to a native speaker is a good way to learn, but that does not mean that person is an expert in Second Language Acquisition. Always make sure your provider has English instructors with degrees in applied linguistics, TESOL, language teaching and/or a CELTA certification. The most important quality you should look for are teachers who want to create classes that are focused on the students’ needs.

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