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Voxy’s New Suite of Aviation Courses

Voxy is excited to introduce our suite of aviation courses. The three new courses feature sector-specific content on aircraft maintenance, passenger services, and cabin crew. Continue reading to see what each course offers including the vocabulary and technical awareness learners will gain.

Adaptive Learning for the Global Enterprise

Voxy’s Chief Education Officer, Katie Nielson recently published an article in Training Industry Magazine, a well-known publication for L&D professionals. In the article, Katie expounds on the rise of adaptive learning in workplace language training and the positive impact of Voxy’s personalized programs on global companies including Chobani, Grundfos and Campari.

Featured Voxy Course: English for Manufacturing

Voxy is excited to introduce our new course English for Manufacturing. The course explores many aspects of manufacturing from machinery to safety. Continue reading for an overview of the course content and the importance of managers investing in programs that promote both the safety and career trajectories of their staff.

Five Unexpected Ways Your Organization Will Benefit by Helping LEP Employees

Helping immigrants and limited English proficiency (LEP) employees learn English offers clear, measurable benefits to companies that affect bottom line, ROI, and performance. Voxy’s Chief Education Officer, Katie Nielson explores five unexpected ways your organization will benefit by helping employees with limited English proficiency.

Voxy’s Chief Education Officer to Host Live Quora Session

We are excited to announce our Chief Education Officer, Dr. Katie Nielson will host a Quora Session on November 18 with the chance to submit questions early on November 14. Quora Sessions offer a live Q&A with select experts in various fields, and Katie is excited to share her expertise on language learning! Continue reading to learn more.

How New York Employers Are Filling Talent Gaps with Language Training

Employers in upstate New York are using English language training as one solution to help fill open roles. In a featured op-ed for TLNT, Dr. Katie Nielson, Chief Executive Officer at Voxy, describes how local businesses are overcoming the difficulties of attracting talent in this area.

Lancôme, ProLiteracy and Voxy: An Initiative to Empower Women with Low Literacy

Voxy is excited to be part of an initiative with Lancôme and ProLiteracy that will improve the literacy skills of women throughout the United States. In the US, 43 million adults are low literate and two-thirds of this population (28 million) are women. Learn more about the Write Her Future Campaign.

Averting Emergencies in Aviation: A Need for Improved Language Training

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Voxy has a heightened interest in developing more programs that fill English language gaps in the aviation industry. In our latest post, we explore a tragedy that still haunts the aviation industry today and why effective English language training programs are needed to prevent further crises.

4 Hidden Costs of Failing to Invest in English Language Training

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There are hidden costs that eventually come to the surface if a company decides not to invest in an efficient language training program. Voxy Channel Partner Joseph Williams, General Manager of The Language Co. in Chile, explores four hidden costs to be aware of in this guest blog post.

How to Convince Senior Stakeholders to Radically Change Your Language Learning Program

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Senior leaders are often a blocker to getting effective, technology-mediated workplace English programs off the ground. Read as we explore common objections to implementing a language learning program and effective answers to help ensure your employees get the language training they need.