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Featured Voxy Course: English for The Food & Beverage Industry

barista making coffee in a cafe

In the food and beverage industry, exquisite food and attractive prices alone drive won’t customer satisfaction. Clear communication and an understanding of customer needs is essential to repeat customer patronage. With these elements in mind, Voxy created our “English for the Food and Beverage” course.

Voxy’s New Americans Initiative

three business professionals working at laptops

Whether co-founders of iconic companies or adding to economic growth, immigrants are the backbone of the United States. Despite innovative contributions, immigrants face significant obstacles. Learn how Voxy’s New Americans Initiative helps immigrants bring their invaluable skills to the workplace.

Customer Success: The Theme of the Moment

compass leaning against window

Know the old adage “attracting a new customer costs more than keeping an old one”? Increasing customer loyalty, retention, and profitability all stem from aligning your company’s efforts to the customer’s success. Read on as we explore the evolution of the Customer Success role and why it’s here to stay.