Case Study: Colgate Palmolive

Case Study: Colgate Palmolive

After Colgate Palmolive implemented Voxy’s digital platform, employees improved their English skills, allowing them to communicate better with colleagues and consumers.

Mission Hills, a company of the Colgate Palmolive group, manufactures personal care, home care and oral care products, serving the Mexican, Central American and U.S. markets. It maintains a significant presence in homes across the globe; thus, it is paramount for our collaborators to be able to communicate and share experiences with people from all over the world. English is the common denominator and a basic need for everyone.

How did Voxy help Colgate Palmolive?

To fulfill Colgate Palmolive employees’ English training needs, Voxy offered a customized and innovative English learning platform with 24/7 access to real-world, custom content updated daily, together with group and private classes. Employees made progress using an adaptable and self-regulating platform that offers access to certified teachers 24/7.

In this case study you will see:

  • How Colgate Palmolive used English training to leverage global teamwork and continuous improvement
  • The importance of regularly updated real-world content to increase engagement
  • The impacts of Voxy ́s online solution on employees’ English proficiency levels
  • How the company increased engagement levels on its training program

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