Featured Voxy Course: English for Manufacturing

Voxy is excited to introduce our new course English for Manufacturing. In this course, learners will explore various aspects of manufacturing, from safety and maintenance to machinery and industry news. Upon completion of the course, learners will be able to describe manufacturing stages and equipment, understand crucial manufacturing safety measures, and discuss industry trends and standards.

The Risk of No Language Training for Manufacturing Employees
With ever-increasing advancements in manufacturing, across an array of industries, efficient employee communication is critical. For employees learning English, being aware of safety hazards prevents injury, leads to better output on the production floor, and can provide opportunities for advancement. However, when an organization decides to forgo language training for its employees, communication challenges that stem from language barriers only proliferate. In fact, safety violations often result in shutdowns, potentially putting the future of the business in a precarious situation. As much as 22% of manufacturing companies are losing business due to a lack of language skills among employees.

The Benefits of Language Training in Manufacturing
As an advocate for English language learners (ELL), Voxy is committed to creating courses that help pave career paths and improve employee productivity. Our English for Manufacturing course was designed for English language learners in a manufacturing context with a need to improve their English proficiency while also developing sector-specific vocabulary. Course participants learn about the manufacturing process and receive an overview of tools and equipment. As with any labor-intensive role, worker safety is important, so the course features several lessons focusing on manufacturing hazards and ways employees can stay safe. Ensuring worker safety means effective communication between employees and their managers to reach company-wide goals. This course is designed for both incumbent workers with low English proficiency as well as learners interested in pursuing careers in manufacturing who are unable to access training programs because of their limited English skills.

To stay ahead of the curve, human resources and workforce development managers in manufacturing must invest in programs that help prevent safety issues and help the career trajectories of their staff. The best way to ensure effective communication is to embolden employees with the training they need for on-the-job success. 

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